Wild Concert. Wellcome Images

We wondered what would happen if we put wild men, wild women, some of the UK’s finest performance storytellers, and a community choir on stage together…The result? Wild Concerts!

Wild Company is an artist collective formed explicitly to research, develop and perform Wild Concerts. Inspired by the stunning wildermann traditions and rituals, still thriving throughout Europe and across the wider world, we wanted to bring these wild beings back and place them at the heart of community arts.

Our first trail event, with Choir on Fire, led by Gitika Partington was performed at the Wellcome Collection, London in Feb 2017. We’re now fund raising so we can do it all again in different places, with different community choirs, and spread the wildness…




Wild Company is  collaboration between Ben Haggarty & Kate Norgate of the Crick  Crack Club, and Lucy Lill & Alys Torrance of StoryJam. The company works with specialist choir leaders and arrangers, costumed performers, and some of the very best contemporary performance storytellers.

Our first Wild Concert featured storytellers: TUUP, Lucy Lill, Nell Phoenix and Tim Ralphs, and Wild Beings: Emily Hennessey, Oliver Wallace, Laura Burns, Mike Coffey & Richard Trouncer.


If you want to know more about our work, if you’re a community choir wanting to collaborate, a funder wanting to fund, or a venue wanting to host a Wild Concert, then we’d love to hear from you.

Email us at info@wildcompany.org.uk

Tweet in our general direction @wildconcert

Wild Concert. Wellcome Images